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Wow! We just got back from Superzoo in Las Vegas! One word…overwhelming! It was awesome! So many great pet products in one place! Seminars and experts and new and upcoming products, oh my! We loved it even though half the time we were just walking around in awe. We are for sure bringing in a few new styles and brands of dog and cat collars and leashes. You guys will love them! There are a lot of new and fantastic supplements that we are bringing in as well. They are so healthy and beneficial for your pets. We learned a lot of new information about CBD products and the positive influence it has both in disease prevention and management of pain, inflammation and neurological issues.

We are excited to be able to share this information with you! We also got a lot of ideas on how we can help you help your pets in many different areas of their lives! Stay tuned for educational demos and talks in the future! We are always looking for ways and products to help you and your pet! What would you like to see in our store? Do you have any questions about certain products or foods? We are always open to suggestions! Talk to us! We don’t bite!

Wag on, friends!