Hey friends! Welcome to the Sniffany’s Pet Boutique Blog! The internet is chock full of advice, suggestions, warnings, encouragement, discouragement and even strict regulations about EVERYTHING, especially blogs. It’s enough to make your head spin. Some of the information is helpful, some not so much. There are a lot of “rules” about blogging. One thing you should know about me is that I’m not always all about the rules. Soooo, this blog may be a bit unconventional at times.


A little about us. We are Angie and Joe Scavone. We live in Crabtree, Oregon with 4 Great Danes, a Doberman (Doberdevil), and a 15 year old Parson Russell Terrorist. Although we don’t currently have any feline roommates, we do have a lot of knowledge about their needs and live vicariously through our crazy cat friends.

We have had many, many dogs throughout the years. They have ranged from friendly to somewhat contentious, to shy and overly exuberant dogs. We have had dogs live to be 15+ and we have lost dogs as early as 18 months. Each one of our dogs have had a special place in our hearts and have taught us how to be better pack leaders.

Pet nutrition is something we are very passionate about. Having spent countless hours researching pet foods, we have learned a lot of infallible information. Joe recently took an extensive course on pet nutrition and is now a certified pet food nutrition specialist. He has a certificate and everything! We would love to help you find a nutritious food formulated specifically to your dog’s needs. A high quality pet food could mean the difference between a healthy and happy pet vs thousands of dollars in vet bills, or worse. Proper nutrition can eliminate skin and stool issues and even help with temperament and energy levels. Let us help you sort through the myths, mysteries and misconceptions about pet food. Some of the things that go into lower quality pet foods are quite mortifying, but we will save that for another blog post.

If you’ve made it this far, thank you! Our mission at Sniffany’s Pet Boutique is to provide the education, personalized service, and loving support to our customers so that you will have the knowledge to care for and enjoy your pets to the fullest for many, many happy and healthy years!

Wag on, friends!