Hey guys! I thought over the next few posts prior to our grand opening, I would give you a little background on Joe and I, and introduce you to our canine family.


Me first. My name is Angelia Michelle Scavone. I was born in Modesto, California way back in 1970. Oh you want the Reader’s Digest version? Haha ok, let’s jump forward a bit. I have owned dogs all my life. In 1994, I decided I wanted a purebred Great Dane. Since the internet wasn’t really a thing back then, I perused the classified ads in the newspaper and found a Great Dane puppy for $300! Score! Brought that wormy, scrawny, little rascal home with no instructions from the “breeder.” Loooong story short, this puppy developed DCM (dilated cardiomyopathy) at age 3. Thousands of dollars and much heartbreak later, my dog was dead, 2 weeks after the diagnosis. And guess what…the “breeders” were no where to be found.

I loved the breed and knew that there had to be better breeders out there. I started asking around, and before too long, I found a breeder that was much different than the one I found in the newspaper. This breeder had me fill out an application. I had to sign a contract stating they the dog would be returned to the breeder if for any reason I couldn’t keep her. I was given extensive literature about feeding and training and health. This, folks, is what a reputable breeder does. I’m not saying that reputable breeders don’t have dogs with occasional health issues, because they do. I’m just saying that reputable breeders will be there for you and will want to know what issues they have in their lines so they can try to avoid that in the future.

Here’s my point. When looking for a puppy or dog, my philosophy is adopt OR shop. If you’re looking for a purebred puppy, find a reputable breeder. Someone that researches pedigrees, someone that does health testing on the parents, someone that makes you sign a contract, someone that let’s you come to their home to see their dogs. OR find a puppy at your local humane society. Please don’t encourage backyard breeders. You are not “rescuing” a puppy when you buy from a puppy mill, you are only enabling them to produce more poorly bred puppies. I will do many more blog posts on this philosophy in the future.

My second Great Dane was purchased from a reputable breeder. They said I should consider showing her, so I did. I was hooked. I have had many AKC champions and 4 Great Danes that have been ranked in the Top 20 in the nation. The current #1 Great Dane, GCH Double D’s Ode to Joy, was bred by Joe and I.


I love dogs. Purebred or Mixed breeds. I want the absolute best for your animals and I intend to help you find the absolute best products for them.

I will tell you a little about Joe tomorrow. Until then…

Wag on friends!