Joe James Scavone. What can I say? This guy is amazing. First and foremost, he puts up with me, which is an admirable trait on its own. But besides that, he’s smart, funny, creative, loyal, generous and good looking. I kinda like him.

I met Joe in 2013. I took him to a dog show with me. He didn’t run for the hills so I figured he might have some potential. Little did I realize the amount of potential this man actually has. We were married in 2016. Since then, he has shown dogs (actually put a major on Lenny), trained dogs (even crazy Emma), whelped 3 litters of puppies, and taken an extensive course on pet nutrition. He will be able to recommend pet foods based on facts rather than opinions.

When I met Joe, he was doing some photography as a side business. He has done senior pictures, weddings (not his fave), concert photography and family photos. He’s extremely talented. After meeting me, he started taking pictures of our dogs. We quickly learned that pet photography was his niche. He’s very, very good at it and amazing with animals. We are planning to expand our business to the building next to ours so that Joe can have a pet photography studio. Stay tuned. You will absolutely want Joe to take pictures of your pets. He’s a phenomenal photog. Check out for some examples of his work.

Joe will be working at our store Monday-Thursday. Come in and meet him. He’s a pretty cool guy.

Wag on, friends!